Wednesday, March 31, 2010


WOW! its about 12:10 a.m. here in Atlanta and i just got back from watching the last song. WOW! that's really all i can say. I am really not the type of guy for a mushy love movie but now that im older i really enjoyed it i believe this movie put love into perspective. Like because the main characters are teenagers you may be able to relate to your own love life. For me this movie definetly tells me that most likely your TRUE love will fall into your lap you can't go trying to find the man/woman of your life they will come to you or you will just now. Love can be found in the most stangest places so look out. Give me some feedback on what you think.
P.S. yes i got a little teary eyed its just the allergies dont worry .lol


  1. hit me up at my blog A.s.a.p. and you must comment on the latest post.

  2. lovin' yur blog come mines out & tell me what yu think please

  3. lol im so sorry that i took to long to respond but it seems like you already have the job done so you dont need my help

    p.s. is there anyway i can get on that sidebar



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