Monday, April 5, 2010


There is no catch to the post title affordable nice clothing can be put into two letters. H&M YES! I know would ever think H&M to be this dope well i always had faith in Matthew Williamson he is a great designer with a great line now when i go to H&M i make sure i get the most expensive stuff so that i know im getting good quality for my money and don't have to worry about kids at my school wearing it. Now the most expensive stuff in H&M would be like blazers,coats,and certain denims and that cost ranges from $60-$150 Not bad at all!! SO this post is basically saying SHOP AT H&M!!


  1. Hey this is a really nice line i love guys who dress well so keep helping them out .. I have only about 12 followers but i'll be sure to get the word out about your blog

    please return the favor

    -Christa Melonae

  2. coo.. very urban.. i advertised Romeing Panda..!!

  3. Hi
    thanks so much for the comment, I love your blog, it has all the coolest stuff:)
    I'm a follower



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