Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hey followers I need a HUGE favor from you guys!! I have beeen blessed enough to have the opportunity to promte this new brand i found called "Flyshyt"lol controversial well they put that word into this meaning " We intend to send a message of positive energy through clever silk screened and embroidered concepts such as our best seller Who Fly tee." There words exactly so guys if you guys could All just buy ONE tee from them i would greatly appreciate it. Also tell your friends and your friends friends lol just get the word out.



  1. wow man that is some flyshyt
    i would so get one of those

  2. i like the colors, i have to look at the site now lol

  3. yeah fam im feeling this alot, owls are my favorite animal so you know everything is going to look dope, and jevon was right, blogs dope, ima follow, ill be sure to check out this blog.

  4. thank you for commenting :) i like the name of the brand. the design of the owl on the t-shirt is funny and cool

  5. the shirts r def tuff*

    i like ur blog...(( im followin ))

    check me out:

  6. i love the colors and the owl..i mean thats the first i've ever seen it in purple. lol Ima deff. check this brand out

    A fresh new artist from cleveland, OH
    WiseGuy x VanSolo
    for the single artwork email me @



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