Monday, June 28, 2010


Alot of my followers and their followers and so on all have their inspirations on their blog and they are all repititve people such as kanye West,Pharrell,and Marc Jacobs etc,but never do i see a Big Sean I mean c'mon this dude is crazy with rhymes whether it be his uptempo song Bull$#!@ing or even his slower tempo songs as Uknowbigsean that is my favorite artist and Biggest inspiration in music and fashion.

His style is simple yet still very flawless he usually is rocking Ti$a vision hats and jackets,BBC jackets and shirts etc, Ice cream everything, Louis vuitton, and definetly the most clean Jordan's you will ever see.
Keep It up Big SEAN!!
EVERYONE CHECK OUT and support this man!!

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  1. J your that dude! Seriously! If the crowd doesn't know about a hot product or up and coming MC they will know after you get done with them! It really is an honor to have the company posted on your blog. J Dilwood on that "Fly Forever" Shyt



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