Saturday, May 15, 2010

Snoop Dogg "That Tree" Feat Kid Cudi Music Video

I absolutely could not go to sleep without posting this video I love the song and also the simplicity of the video.This video right here shows that you do not need half naked women and liqour in your videos for a good song. Cudi's melody on this song just makes the song really worth rocking to!


  1. Thanks for droppin in and showin support man, appreciate that! And sorry about not followin dude, thought I already was haha. Keep it up!


  2. But hes talking about WEED !

  3. lol... i actually luv this song... not only because kid cudi is in it but because the chorus is dope... in other words the tree is basically believing... so if u think of it that way its not really negative!!!!

  4. lovee this song and the video is simple yet cute*

    i would love to have u as a follower:



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